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Active Learning Simplified: A Partnership Webinar with iClicker and OpenStax | Carol Chaffee

Textbook, check. Homework, check. You've got all of your materials set for your students for outside of class, but how will you engage students in class? It's time for active learning!

Hear from Dr. Carol Chaffee, pro iClicker and OpenStax user at California State University, Fullerton, to learn how she gets students invested in their own learning with iClicker's student engagement solutions. iClicker's geolocation attendance feature gets students to class then instructors can choose from flexible polling & quizzing options to engage, check understanding, and get feedback from students in real time.

Join us for a discussion around all things active learning and get started maximizing your in class time! Additionally, Anthony Palmiotto, Editorial Director at OpenStax, and Lindsay Johnson, Executive Product Marketing Manager at iClicker, will be on hand to answer any questions about these two products as well!